macOS Sierra will automatically download to Macs starting today

If you haven’t downloaded Apple’s free macOS Sierra update to your machine, expect that to change. The Loop reports that Apple will make the software available to customers as an automatic download in the background starting today.

There are some caveats to today’s news. Apple will only download the software if your machine has enough space, and only to machines that have the auto-download feature enabled. Users can tweak these settings by heading into System Preferences and then disabling the auto-download feature. You’ll still be notified when downloads are available.

It’s worth noting that although macOS Sierra could automatically download to your machine, that doesn’t mean it’ll install without your approval. By default, macOS updates don’t install automatically, so you’ll still have to initialize the process. You can even delete the macOS Sierra installer if you’re hellbent on avoiding the free update.

MaxOS Sierra introduces several new features, including Siri, optimized storage, universal clipboard, and more.

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