MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Ten things you need to know

The wait for a new MacBook Pro is here. After months of rumors, Apple finally introduced the long-awaited update and it looks pretty awesome. Apple’s new model with Touch Bar also comes with Touch ID, a thinner design, four USB-C ports, and a bigger trackpad.

Amid the glamor of the Touch Bar and improved design, there may have been a few announcements that slipped through the cracks. These minor details are a bit on the technical side, but they might be important if you’re contemplating purchasing a new MacBook Pro.

Here are a few things you should know before you take the plunge and buy the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

  1. Up to 100% faster flash storage.
  2. MacBook Air still exists along with every other MacBook model.
  3. New MacBooks have headphone jacks.
  4. Any USB-C port can be used to power the computer.
  5. Available in Space Gray
  6. Better display – 67 percent brighter, 67 percent higher contrast ratio and has 25 percent more colors.
  7. Sixth gen Intel chip.
  8. 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with Radeon Pro Pro 455 and 2GB RAM but can be upgraded to 460 and 4GB for just $100.
  9. 13-inch dual-core model can be speced out with a i7 3.3GHz Intel chip.
  10. 13-inch model still doesn’t have dedicated GPU (Intel Iris 550).

Check out the video above for a more comprehensive breakdown of the list by Jon.

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