Lucid Motors takes aim at Tesla with gorgeous prototype

Many self-proclaimed Tesla killers have come and gone, and most have done nothing to topple the EV giant. The companies will often burst onto the scene with a sleek, futuristic concept, but never do much after that, slowly fading into oblivion. Lucid Motors is aiming to change that with its Lucid Air prototype, which the automaker claims is close to entering mass production.

Most people probably haven’t heard of Lucid Motors. It’s a small company with just over 300 employees that’s crafted one of the best looking cars headed for the EV market. In fact, it’s so far along in the development process that it has completed the construction of multiple chassis, which are being taken on tour around the country.

A few executives from the automaker took one such prototype to Cars and Coffee over the weekend, an event that just so happened to be taking place not too far from the TechnoBuffalo office.

The futuristic sedan captures the eye with its aluminum body, Micro-Lens headlights and stealthy-finish. Some of the Lucid Air’s notable specs include 1,000 horsepower (400 from the front wheels, 600 from the rear wheels), 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, a 100kWh battery that delivers over 300 miles of range, and an interior equipped with touch displays and premium leather.

The car will come with additional options like an all-glass panoramic sunroof, 55-degree reclining back seats and a 130kWh battery with even more range. It will also be priced between $60,000 to over $150,000 depending on the options that are added.

The Lucid Air screams premium, which is necessary in order to mount a convincing challenge to Tesla.

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