Logitech Prodigy Series review – A hit and miss line of gaming gear

The G213 keyboard, on the other hand, is pretty disappointing. I’ll admit right now that I’ve been typing on a mechanical keyboard for months now, and I’m willing to admit that that’s part of it, but it’s definitely not all of it.

With that said, here goes:

Logitech’s G231 Prodigy Keyboard isn’t mechanical like so many other gaming keyboards these days. It’s a membrane-style keyboard, meaning that there’s essentially a sheet of rubber hidden under the keys that flexes when you push down a key, rather than a mechanical switch for each key.

The benefits of this are, first and foremost, it’s much cheaper to make, and has a lower price to match. Second, it’s spill resistant. That plays well into the idea of durability at the core of the Prodigy line. These are intended to be keyboards not just for adult gamers but for gamers who still have a bit of growing to do, and maybe aren’t as careful with their drinks and food as they should be (which also applies to some adult gamers, admittedly, but I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, so don’t disappoint me).

Logitech has still managed to include the RGB lighting that goes along with the gaming line, though it’s not as detailed as the higher end gear. You can choose colors by groups of keys or choose animated lighting effects, but lighting by key isn’t an option.

The keyboard uses an “Optimized Gaming Matrix” to imitate the rollover of better keyboards, allowing 13 keys to be pressed at once.

In terms of ergonomics, it offers a built-in wrist-rest and can be raised to 2 or 8 degrees elevation for comfort.

I really hated typing on the G213 Prodigy.

It’s not just that it’s not mechanical, though. The keys did take more pressure to push down, but I also had moments where keys felt like they were catching while I typed and even squeaking against each other. I’m using it as I type this review and while it doesn’t happen constantly, it is an occasional concern.

At $69.99, skip the G213. As this is a starter keyboard, dropping the RGB lighting and putting a bit more time into nicer keys would’ve been appreciated. This keyboard just has too little to offer at its current price.


This new line seems to be a case of Logitech trying to create a need rather than fill one. The mouse is great, but the keyboard and headset aren’t as good as I expect from a manufacturer I generally trust with my peripherals. The whole set is a bit expensive, but the mouse is actually worth it. Seriously consider the G403 if you’re looking for a new mouse.

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