LG G6 to offer feature audiophiles will love

If you prioritize sound quality over all other features, you may want to pay attention to LG’s G6.

The Korean company this week confirmed its upcoming device will come with a 32-bit quad DAC system, which is upgraded over the version included in the LG V20 (and LG V10). The new system promises improved sound quality and an ability to control left and right earbud audio, which LG says enhances balance and reduces noise.

“The DAC is a device that converts digital sound signals consisting of 0 and 1 into analog sound signals that can be heard by humans,” LG explained in an announcement.

Essentially, the system is designed to provide users with cleaner and better-sounding audio. The average consumer may not notice a difference in quality, but audiophiles will certainly appreciate LG’s attempt to provide a better experience.

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