Lack of Galaxy Note 7 recall in China viewed as “discriminatory”

China’s not too happy with the way Samsung handled the Galaxy Note 7 recall. The country recently aired a video on state-run CCTV accusing Samsung of “discrimination” in how it recalled the Galaxy Note 7 in some markets but not in China, Reuters said Friday.

“Samsung’s discriminatory policy has caused discontent from Chinese consumers,” a note from CCTV acquired by Reuters said. CCTV believes that Samsung should have treated the recall similarly to how it pulled back the phone in the U.S., where consumers were often reminded to return their devices for an exchange or a full refund. Samsung was also able to get 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to U.S. customers in a matter of weeks.

In China, though, Samsung hasn’t recalled the phone at the same scale it did elsewhere, despite similar reports of overheating. A third-party investigation found that local devices weren’t overheating because of the battery. Samsung has said the devices sold in China are among the batch of “safe ones” save for about 1,800 sold during a “test scheme,” Reuters said.

I reached out to Samsung for clarification on the issue and an explanation of the model that’s available for sale in China compared to the one in the U.S., but a spokesperson was not immediately available.

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