Justin Trudeau names 6 new senators from Quebec

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has filled all vacancies in the Senate with six new appointments in Quebec.

The new, Independent senators include lawyers, public servants and a medical doctor.

They are:

  • Renée Dupuis: Author, lawyer specializing in administrative law, human rights and Indigenous law.
  • Raymonde Saint Germain: Longtime senior public servant and ombudsman for Quebec.
  • Éric Forest: Mayor of Rimouski​, former chair of the Union of Quebec Municipalities.
  • Marc Gold: Constitutional law expert who has held leadership roles in the Jewish community.
  • Marie-Francoise Megie: Haitian-born family doctor and university professor.
  • Rosa Galvez: Specialist in health effects of environmental pollution.

They were selected using the government’s new application, merit-based process.

The number of non-affiliated (or Independent) senators is now at 44.

In January 2014, at the height of the Mike Duffy expenses scandal, Trudeau expelled all senators from the national Liberal caucus and vowed to appoint Independent members to the Senate if elected as prime minister.