Justice League sizzle reel is full of awesome behind-the-scenes footage

Director Zack Snyder announced filming for Justice League has wrapped, and to commemorate the occasion, he posted an awesome behind-the-scenes video to his Twitter. Man, filming a superhero movie looks like a ton of fun.

The footage gives us a great look at the cast filming a number of different scenes, from Aquaman being splashed by waves, to Cyborg pumping iron. Unsurprisingly, Superman is nowhere to be found, as if it’s some big secret that he’s going to return.

Warner Bros. already gave fans a pretty extensive look at the Justice League film. You can check the trailer out right here.

This footage is more celebratory, and to show fans (and skeptics) that Snyder and his cast are in top form ahead of the movie’s 2017 release. I mean, some of the shots are just awesome, especially of the team descending in the elevator.

There’s a lot of really cool stuff here and it looks like the cast and crew are having a lot of fun. Of course, they could just be hamming it up for the cameras but the less cynical side of me hopes it’s all genuine.

Justice League is set for a Nov. 17, 2017, release.

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