Judge Who Ended New York’s Stop-And-Frisk Policy Slams Trump’s Idea To Bring It Back

NEW YORK ― Shira Scheindlin, a sovereign decider who ruled 3 years ago that a New York City Police Department’s assertive stop-and-frisk practices were unconstitutional, had a few difference about Donald Trump’s offer to institute a identical policy nationwide.

Trump’s thought sounded “so opposing and so non-commonsensical,” she told The Huffington Post in an talk while on vacation.

“You unequivocally consternation about this man’s turn of knowledge,” combined Scheindlin, who stepped down from a bench in May and is now of counsel during a New York law firm.

At a city gymnasium eventuality on Wednesday, Trump pronounced he “would do stop and frisk” to residence crime in black communities. He claimed that a tactic had “worked impossibly well” in New York ― evidently unknowingly of Scheindlin’s statute that a approach a NYPD did it indeed amounted to secular profiling.

“Why would we call for instituting a unsuccessful process opposite a United States?” pronounced Scheindlin.

Trump also didn’t seem to grasp that as boss he would have small energy to micromanage policing, that is customarily a states’ domain.

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