Judge Issues Summons For Chris Christie In Potential New Bridgegate Case

Bergen County contains Fort Lee, the town affected by the decision to close two lanes on the bridge. Christie aides orchestrated the lane closures after the town’s mayor, a Democrat, declined to endorse the governor for re-election.

The summons comes as David Wildstein, a former top Christie confidante, testified in a separate federal case that the governor knew about the closures. 

Bill Brennan, an activist, filed the Bergen County complaint, wrote NBC New York.Brian Murray, a Christie spokesman, said the summons was being appealed.

“This is a dishonorable complaint filed by a known serial complainant and political activist with a history of abusing the judicial system. The simple fact is the Governor had no knowledge of the lane realignments either before they happened or while they were happening,” he said in a statement. “This matter has already been thoroughly investigated by three separate independent investigations. The ruling is being appealed immediately.”

Cristian Farias contributed reporting. This piece has been updated to include Murray’s statement and information on who filed the complaint.

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