iPhone 8 name apparently revealed by Apple employee for 2017 model

Apple is expected to unveil a drastically redesigned iPhone in 2017, but we don’t really know what the company will call its new device. “iPhone 7s” sounds too incremental for a smartphone that could introduce a totally fresh look, and a new report suggests the company will jump straight to “iPhone 8” instead.

An Apple employee actually revealed the name to Business Insider at the company’s research and development facility in Israel. The unnamed employee apparently confirmed that staff at the office is working on Apple’s “next” products, mentioning the “iPhone 8” by name without any prompting

The source also noted that the iPhone 8 will be “different” from the last few models, adding that it should feature a better camera as well. Based on earlier reports Apple may introduce a design with an edge-to-edge display, embedding the fingerprint scanner and front-facing camera into the glass. It could also potentially opt for a curved display like on the Galaxy S7 Edge while keeping the iPhone’s top and bottom bezels intact.

The employee didn’t reveal any more information, though the facility apparently focuses on mobile hardware, including cameras, chips and wireless technology. The office was established after Apple acquired two Israeli startups focused on flash memory and 3D sensors.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the new iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 8. The final name will be decided by Apple executives in Cupertino, and it’s likely the company is still weighing its options. 2017 could mark a new era for the iPhone, and even jumping to “iPhone 8” might not be a big enough change to reflect the upgraded hardware.

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