iPhone 7 catches fire; arrives charred in box, owner says


We hear about phones catching fire all of the time. In fact, Samsung made headlines recently for its massive Galaxy Note 7 recall after a faulty battery put the device at risk for catching on fire. But a charred phone on delivery? That’s new.

The device you see above was posted to Reddit. It’s an iPhone 7 that apparently arrived in that condition, despite what appears to be very little damage to the box. “Something happened between the factory and delivery,” Redditor KrooptheSnoop said.

Sounds fishy to me, and you can never be too sure about the legitimacy of these sorts of posts. A burning Galaxy Note 7 was blamed for completely gutting one man’s Jeep and yet, this phone catches fire and the box remains intact? Not sure I buy it.

If this is even real, I doubt this will turn into a massive recall. But, to be sure, I thought the same thing when I first reported on a Galaxy Note 7 fire.

Here’s the full image:


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