Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – Joey’s Kitchen List

Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder – $40.00


The price for this coffee grinder fluctuates, though it’s $40 at the moment I’m drafting this guide. That’s about what I spent on it, too.

This coffee grinder is straight forward, has a timed switch, an easy to clean catch and a large hopper. It’s a strong addition to a coffee lover’s kitchen.

Now, why burr and not blade? A blade grinder essentially smashes beans quickly. It hits and chops them into coarse bits before you dump it into your coffee making method of choice. A burr grinder works like a mill, slowly crushing beans and releasing oils that simply aren’t released from chopping.

The difference is noticeable, I promise.

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, 15-inch – $49.99


I use my cast iron skillet multiple times a week.

The beauty of cast iron skillets lies in their heat retention. A normal skillet heats quickly and unevenly, sometimes resulting in super hot spots that can lead to weird cooking results. A cast iron skillet takes longer to heat, but it achieves that heat more evenly and holds it much longer.

These skillets also work in the oven. So, if you’re working with something on the stove top and need to finish it with a quick bake or broil, there’s no need to transfer to a new pan.

Don’t use soap when washing these things! Seriously. You’ll ruin it. There are some cast iron cleaning tutorials online. Find them.

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A Subscription to Cook’s Illustrated – $24.99 for 6 issues

Cook’s Illustrated changed the way I approached food. I only started my subscription two years ago, but I’ve come to respect ingredient selection and unique cooking methods a whole lot more in that time.

Each issue of Cook’s features a good selection of recipes with seriously detailed explanations, equipment reviews, kitchen tips, hand-drawn images and a fair bit of science.

If you know a cook looking to kick their food up a bit, Cook’s Illustrated is a great magazine.

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