Here’s An Amazing Way To Help Trans People In NYC This Weekend

“Listen, we’re all afraid. So, coming together and underscoring our love and support for one another is crucial. And yes, sadly, there are those among us that need even more care and protection,” Ashley told The Huffington Post. “I hope that Baby Tea can be a place that provides that extra layer ― that maybe even puts a smile on your face, relieves you of some pain or fear for a bit, and gives a small rest to any anxiety. It also brings people together from different backgrounds, social and financial, to find common ground and provide an opportunity to tell one another that people of all kinds are in your corner even if you don’t see them or interact with them everyday. Baby Tea is responding by saying loudly: these people need our help more than ever. And people from their world and from outside of it are gathering together to do something about it.”

The list of people involved with Baby T for Tea is extensive (and impressive), with trans model and activist Geena Rocero as the guest of honor.

The event will take place on Sunday, Nov. 20 from 8 p.m. – 12 p.m. Check out the flyer below or head here for more information.

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