Guy Moonwalks Through 27 European Landmarks, Because Why Not?

”I learned [how to moonwalk] on YouTube one day, because everybody should learn how to moonwalk, right? It’s something that should be required by everybody,” he said. 

Filmed and edited on an iPhone, the resulting video is a hypnotic way to watch someone’s travel diary. The way it’s cut and edited, his legs sync up nearly seamlessly.

DeRose, who works as a balloon artist at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, said he only had a few awkward run-ins with other tourists, but he took it in stride.

“Some of those places were pretty crowded, so it was hard to find a spot to really do it. One time, I ran into a guy one time staring at the Eiffel Tower, and another guy selling selfie sticks started moonwalking with me,” he said.

Time to break out your moon shoes.