Google Pixel: Here’s why you should skip it

Google unveiled its new Pixel smartphones at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday. Considering the frequency of leaks leading up to the event, including official renders the night before, the announcement became more of a formality than a celebration of groundbreaking technology.

With the release, Android enthusiasts are getting access to the search giant’s ideal vision of what a smartphone should be, from the design, to the hardware, to the brainy new software, highlighted by Google Assistant. And while there’s a lot to like about the new devices—free full-resolution photos and videos backup!—there are plenty of reasons to skip Google’s answer to Apple’s iPhone.

Among them, the Pixel’s design is pretty bland. Over the past few years, the mobile market’s top manufacturers, from HTC to Samsung, have churned out incredible designs, including the HTC 10 and Galaxy Note 7. The Pixel, on the other hand, is more like plain toast, the color beige. While not horrible, the Pixel design won’t win any awards.

Design is subjective, of course, so something we find boring you might find exciting. There’s no getting around the Pixel’s other shortcomings, however. No wireless charging, no expandable storage, a high price of entry, and an IP53 rating, which is pretty low on the scale of dust and water resistance.

Are all of these features necessary to make the Pixel successful? No, not at all. Is there such thing as the perfect smartphone? Keep dreaming. Still, it’s important you understand what the Pixel offers before you buy one. At $649 unlocked, it’s not the cheapest smartphone on the market. Then again, neither are the iPhone 7 or Galaxy Note 7.

Check out the video above to hear more thoughts from Jon about why you should skip the Google Pixel.

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