Gears of War movie “locked in” for production at Universal Studios


Microsoft has teamed up with Universal to bring the Gears of War franchise to the big screen. Developer The Coaltion and boss Rod Fergusson made the announcement over a livestream event last night.

So far, the only named attached to the film is Producer Scott Stuber, who has films like Ted, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and Central Intelligence on his resume. Fergusson was unable to announce any other names yet, but he did address the issue of writing a screenplay that appeals to both fans and a broader audience.

When you do a movie like this, you have to … realize that it’s a different medium with a different audience. I think if you were to go in and say, like, ‘OK, it’s got to be completely 100 percent faithful to the game canon,’ or the story of the game, like, what’s going to end up happening is … it’s not going to be the best movie. The big thing we’re really trying to focus on is making the best Gears movie possible, as opposed to the one that’s the most closest to the game…

I want it to be this thing where it feels authentic to Gears of War, but I want it to, like, blow people’s minds because it’s actually a great movie first, and then it pays homage to the source material second.

That translates into “origin story” or “soft reboot” in modern Hollywood terms. I guess that’s how it has to be. If that’s the case, do we see Marcus Fenix’s first mission or are we going to see the actual Emergence Day?

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