Galaxy S8 said to pack insane hardware, zero bezels, dual cameras

Samsung is going to have to go big with the Galaxy S8 if it wants to recover quickly from the brand damage the Galaxy Note 7 recall has caused,and, according to ETNews, that’s exactly the plan.

According to ETNews, Samsung is planning several massive upgrades for the Galaxy S8. Samsung is reportedly going to shift the home button under the display, which means the fingerprint reader may exist right under the glass, something that’s also rumored for the iPhone 8. Qualcomm’s Sense ID enables this sort of functionality, but it’s unclear if Qualcomm is involved in that regard.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 processor is reportedly on deck to power the Galaxy S8, however. Samsung will reportedly add dual cameras, including an 8MP and a 16MP sensor, to the back of the phone, too, which ETNews said is “already a finalized decision.” The most compelling feature may be the display, however.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will reportedly have zero side and top/bottom bezels, meaning users may be holding a smartphone that has an entire screen as its front face. That’s some futuristic stuff right there.

Samsung is well aware of the damage the Galaxy Note 7 recall may have caused, however, which is why the company is going to “pay extra careful attention towards the development of the Galaxy S8,” a source told ETNews.

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