Exploding washing machines and busting your grocery bill: The Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

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Bad dog?

Pit bull

Montreal’s banning pit bulls. (CBC)

Montreal just banned “pit bull-type dogs.” (This kind of pit bull, not this kind.)

Not sure exactly what “pit bull-type dog” means? Yeah, it’s kind of complicated.

The SPCA is shouting, “Bad law” and some are making the argument that pit bulls aren’t dangerous, bad owners with pit bulls are dangerous

So what happens next? At least one other province is preparing new homes for the poor pups.

Cheaper eats


Bust your grocery bills. (Holly Caruk/CBC)

Canadian families spend almost $6,000 a year on groceries, and that cash doesn’t bring home as much bacon as it used to.

But we’ve got you: Here are five tips to get more dinner for your dime

Here’s one example to chew on: Watch to see if something scans in at the wrong price. The store may have to give you that item for free.

Launder with (extreme) care 

Exploding washing machine

Samsung is not having the very best time right now.

The company is still trying to recall millions of brand new smartphones because the batteries can burst into flames.

And now it looks like some of the company’s washing machines can explode.

Reading, writing, roaches


Meet your kid’s new study buddy. (Joel Sartore/Getty Images )

Fifteen Ottawa schools just discovered that they are infested with cockroaches.

Not what you’re hoping your kid picks up at school. So you may want to check any knapsacks for … new study buddies. Yikes.

Elsewhere in potential nightmare fuel, Home Depot had to pull this creepy Halloween prank gimmick after a complaint that it crossed the line.

What else is going on? 

Ford is recalling a whole bunch of hatchbacks because they can open when you least expect it.

There’s a sneaky scam you should watch out for on Airbnb (and everywhere else you buy stuff online).

Running late for your flight? Probably a bad idea to do what this guy did.

And, see you, Shomi: The Rogers- and Shaw-owned streaming service is toast.

On TV: Hidden camera: Exposed! 

Our best hidden camera investigations

How do we decide to break out the hidden cameras for an investigation?

Watch how we exposed some of our biggest investigations, from “peegate” to dirty hotels and oil change scams.

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