Epic says the Nintendo Switch has many Unreal Engine-based games in development


Nintendo has always had a problem garnering third-party developer support. The Nintendo Switch, if the slide above is any indication, could finally solve that issue.

One of the most popular development engines for games publishing through third-parties on modern consoles? Unreal. Epic’s engine is supported by the Nintendo Switch, and that’s huge news. Consider the door wide open for third-party game makers.

Epic Games Japan Territory Manager Takayuki Kawasaki spoke with Social VR Info, a Japanese site. As covered by Nintendo Everything, Kawasaki indicated that there are many Unreal Engine-based games in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo needs the third-party love

Nintendo can’t make the Switch a success with only first-party software. They need more games to fill the gaps between their banner releases, and the console boasting Unreal Engine support goes a long way towards making that possible.

Hopefully the games in development are good ones. That always helps, right?

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