Elections Canada sorry for issuing byelection voter cards with wrong information

Elections Canada has issued an apology after distributing cards that sent voters to the wrong polling station in an upcoming Alberta byelection.

“Due to an error during the printing of voter information cards, some electors in Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner may receive a card with incorrect information about the location of their polling place,” reads a notice from the agency.

Elections Canada is reprinting and reissuing cards with the correct place to cast a ballot, which will be marked “Replacement Card.”

Elections Canada spokesman John Enright said about 77,000 cards were printed with erroneous information, where the front of the card did not match the back. A majority of the cards were intercepted by working with Canada Post before they were delivered, but some electors may have received them, he said.

Replacement Voter Card

Elections Canada is issuing replacement voter cards for an Alberta byelection due to printing errors on 77,000 cards.

New cards have been reprinted and are to be delivered by Oct.12, before the first day of advance polling on Oct. 14.

Training for poll workers

Enright also said poll workers are being trained on how to deal with voters who turn up at the wrong polling place.

He couldn’t say how much the error could cost.

“At this point, our focus has been to remedy the situation and enabling the vote for all electors who want to vote,” he said. “We will be in a position to provide costs later.”

The notice from Elections Canada says voters can find the correct polling station by going on the agency’s website or calling the local office.

“We apologize to electors for any inconvenience,” it read.

Elections Canada fielded a barrage of questions and complaints about voter cards during last fall’s federal election.

Stories of mass confusion emerged across the country after thousands of cards containing incorrect information or directing voters to cast their ballot at the wrong location.

4 ridings up for grabs

The Alberta byelection, to be held Monday, Oct. 24, is to fill the seat that was left vacant when Conservative MP Jim Hillyer died suddenly of a heart attack this spring.

There are three other vacancies in the House of Commons:

  • Ottawa-Vanier, due to the death of long-time Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger.
  • Calgary Midnapore, after the resignation of former Conservative MP Jason Kenney.
  • Calgary Heritage due to the resignation of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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