Dragon Quest VII’s social mechanics explained in new “Tablet” trailer

Dragon Quest IX is widely revered for its graphics and excellent story, but the true secret to its success is the infinitely replayable post-game content. Through the Nintendo DS’ WiFi capability, which has since been shut down, fans could download daily quests, explore randomized dungeons, tackle super bosses, unlock the best equipment in the game, and best of all, do it all with a friend. It was a winning formula that made it the best selling game in the series throughout both Japan and the rest of the world.

Dragon Quest VII‘s Nintendo 3DS remake doesn’t offer quite the same incentives to keep gamers coming back, but what it does offer will make sure the 100+ hour game never leaves you SD card. The “tablet” system is very similar to that found in Dragon Quest IX, minus the multiplayer options, and collecting monsters and their tablets throughout the world will open new opportunities for random dungeons and super bosses!

To cap it all off, Nintendo hasn’t shut down the WiFi on the Nintendo 3DS… yet!

I’m a little torn on this feature, because it kind of goes against the main purpose of the game, which is to focus more on world-building and less on the actual combat and RPG elements. If its online functions were still available, I’d turn back to Dragon Quest IX before dragging out my Dragon Quest VII experience. However, who can complain with so much extra content in a game that already provides one of the longest experiences of the decade!?

Be sure to pick up Dragon Quest VII on the Nintendo 3DS today. You won’t regooret it.

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