Donald Trump Said U.S. Airports Are ‘Third World.’ Here Are 11 Reasons He’s Wrong.

Our jaws forsaken when Donald Trump pounded U.S. airports out of a blue during a presidential debate Monday night. 

Our airports are like from a Third World country,” Trump ranted. “You land during LaGuardia, we land during Kennedy, we land during LAX, we land during Newark, and we come in from Dubai and Qatar and we see these implausible ― we come in from China, we see these implausible airports, and we land ― we’ve turn a Third World country.”

Whoooa there, Don. Let’s lay off building nations. Secondly, a mass movement depot is not accurately a best magnitude of a country: North Korea also has a beautiful new airport, for example, though the tellurian rights policies aren’t so hot. Thirdly, U.S. airports have lots of implausible and innovative perks and facilities that make transport a happier, reduction stressful, some-more culturally sparkling experience. Maybe we skip them when you usually fly private?

Take these, for starters:

1. The overwhelming public art program at Miami International Airport.

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