Dissida Final Fantasy shows off what Ace can do in gameplay debut

Ace is in the house! Or he will be soon, at least. Final Fantasy Type-0’s defacto protagonist has been confirmed to be the next playable character released for the arcade fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Square Enix finally has some gameplay footage to show off what he’s all about.

As expected, Ace will act as more of a ranged fighter that relies on the same set of attack cards he uses in Type-0. This comes as a huge blessing considering how many of the fighters already prefer to get into opponent’s faces with swords swinging. He brings a bit more diversity to the roster.

The update will be released for arcades throughout Japan tomorrow, Sept. 28.

The world is waiting, but Square Enix still hasn’t mentioned anything about a home console port. Can we speculate that the game has been a huge success, and the company isn’t going to put this on the PlayStation 4 until the numbers slow down? Makes sense to me. Who knows if well ever see it?

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