DirecTV Now intro pricing ends Jan. 9

DirecTV Now, ATT’s live streaming TV competitor to Sling TV and PS Vue, was introduced with a promotional $35 monthly “Go Big” plan that includes more than 100 channels. That pricing is about to change.

ATT only knocked down the price of the premium plan in an effort to attract new subscribers but, beginning January 9, it’ll move back up to its originally planned pricing. It’s a bizarre move because, in my own experience with the service, ATT DirecTV Now is still very unreliable. I can hardly watch TV during primetime without it cutting out and sending me an error, for example. You’d think ATT would have the bugs worked out before it boosted the price.

Just get PS Vue

In any case, you have until January 9 to sign up for the “Go Big” plan at the $35 monthly price before ATT bumps it up to its standard $60/month price. I can’t really recommend the service right now given how unreliable it is, but if you trust that ATT will work out the kinks and want the better price, then grab it while you can.

If pricing isn’t much of a concern to you, go check out PS Vue. It’s much more reliable, offers CBS for live sports in some markets, is supported on more platforms, features a great UI and has recording functions.

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