Cop Says He’ll ‘Kill This Motherf****r’ In Video Of Fatal 2011 Shooting

As seen in the video above, the incident begins in a restaurant parking lot, where officers attempt to arrest Smith following a suspected drug deal. When Smith flees in his vehicle, Stockley opens fire.

Stockley and fellow officer Brian Bianchi then pursue Smith, reaching speeds of more than 80 mph. Around the 4:10 minute mark of the video, Stockley says he’s “going to kill this motherf****r, don’t you know it.” 

Soon after, Stockley tells Bianchi, who’s driving, to “hit him, hit him right now!” Bianchi rams Smith’s sedan with a police SUV, and Stockley jumps from the passenger seat and runs up to the suspect’s vehicle. Seconds later, he fires five shots into the vehicle, killing Smith.

The Post-Dispatch video shows separate footage taken by a witness, which the paper first published in June. That footage shows Stockley return to his vehicle two times, first to place an unauthorized, personally owned AK-47 into the back seat, and later to rummage through a duffle bag. After Smith’s body is dragged from the car, Stockley gets into the front seat, where he stays for roughly 30 seconds.

The Post-Dispatch reports Stockley is free on $1 million bail secured by the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association. A hearing in his murder case is reportedly scheduled for Oct. 3.

In 2013, the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners paid a $900,000 settlement as part of a wrongful death suit filed on behalf of Smith’s young daughter.

Find the full report by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch here.

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