Civil War director reveals why Captain America’s fate differed from the comics

From the onset of the announcement of Captain America: Civil War, fans were on edge due to the storyline the movie’s based on.

Possible spoilers ahead.

Aside from exploring the fracture of the Avengers, the comic book contains the polarizing death of Steve Rodgers.

By now you must know that Captain America, in fact, does not meet his demise in the movie adaptation. Director Anthony Russo and President of Marvel Kevin Feige recently discussed the omitted event in a QA for the film.

“We did [talk about the death] for a beat, but we talk about everything…we do talk about every possible scenario, over and over and over again for months and months. So yeah, we had talked about it. It would never have made it’s way into a realistic vision,” responded Russo to a question by Feige about killing Captain America.

Adapting a material as rich with conflict as Civil War is not without strategic maneuvering towards the bigger picture. After Captain America: Civil War, there are still two more planned Avenger films, and Captain America might prove useful in those films as the battle with Thanos is finally explored. Some events must be cut due to practically, but it’s also about the type of movie you want to make.

“We actually talked about lots of potential characters dying, but that would undercut what was really the rich tension in the movie, which was that it’s Kramer vs. Kramer. It’s about a divorce. And if somebody dies, it would create empathy [from other characters], which would change [things], and allow potential repair. We didn’t want to do that,” says Russo.

The high tension point of Civil War is the dissolution of the Avengers led by the broken friendship of Captain America and Iron Man, and the magnitude of that would be undercut with a death, which has a way of bringing family together.

It seems the stage is set for a climactic showdown in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters May 2, 2018.

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