Chuck Schumer Probably Cringes At His ‘Apprentice’ Appearance Now

WASHINGTON ― Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has vowed to challenge President-elect Donald Trump, and he’s said, “He’s not my friend.”

But it was another matter when the New York Democrat hosted contestants from “The Apprentice” for a breakfast at Washington’s historic Hay-Adams Hotel in 2006.

Granted, it was a reality TV show, and Schumer has never been known as publicity-shy, but he didn’t make it sound like Trump was a threat to democracy.

“His father and my grandfather were builders together in Brooklyn,” Schumer told the Season 5 contestants. “Even when he was much younger, you knew he was going to go places.”

He certainly didn’t imagine that place was the White House.

The clip ends with Schumer offering some career advice.

“When you wake up Monday morning, do you feel in the pit of your stomach that you want to go to work? And if you can say yes to that, you’re in great shape,” Schumer said.

We’re not sure how Schumer’s stomach is feeling these days.

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