Captain America: Civil War video shows the painstaking detail behind Black Panther

In order to create Black Panther’s majestic and ferocious look in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios opted to make the character completely CG. Now, get a look at the mount of work that went into creating the character in Cinesite’s incredible VFX reel.

To be fair, the costume worn by the movie’s stuntmen looks pretty cool without any CG added. But in order to give it that extra flair—it’s supposed to be made of Vibranium, after all—VFX were necessary to get the right look. The end result is a Black Panther who not only looks real, but someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

The video covers a few more scenes that needed extensive CG but somehow they’re not quite as impressive as seeing Black Panther put together layer by layer. Check out the video above.

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