Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Clash After Man Fatally Shot By Chicago Police

In a blog post for The Huffington Post, Chicago Public School teacher Dave Steiber noted that Mt. Greenwood has a troubling history when it comes to racism and exclusion of black people, dating back to the 1960s, when more than 70 residents picketed a school where 11 black children had transferred.

Dee Williams, who stood in solidarity with the Beal supporters, said by phone that the demonstration “was like being followed by a lynch mob.”

“It reminded me of footage I’d seen of white protesters attacking freedom riders in the South,” she added.  

Williams, who is white, said the counter-protest crowd was mostly men. Several people told her they were cops or family members of cops, Williams said, adding that many of them shouted support of CPD and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

CPD said the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on 30-day administrative leave, per department protocol when an officer fatally shoots someone. 

As the department promises an investigation, Williams said a coalition of groups like Black Lives Matter Chicago and the Revolution Club of Chicago hope to get support of local religious groups and others. 

She noted a few young Mt. Greenwood residents knew some of the counter-protesters but joined the demonstrations supporting Beal instead. “They said ‘we know some of the people from this crowd and we’re not going to stand for it.’” 

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