Beyond Good & Evil 2 would have made too many compromises ten years ago, says creator


Nearly 10 years ago, fans of the cult-classic Beyond Good Evil reacted with glee once Ubisoft released a teaser that finally showed the next chapter in the game’s science fiction story line. To this day, we’ve had zero developments on the game besides a recent confirmation that it is moving into pre-production.

I think we are all beyond the need for an explanation from creator Michel Ancel, but the guy has one for us anyway as to why his game was delayed for so long. Speaking in an interview on his own Instagram page, Ancel claims that his team wanted “planet exploration , space travel , cities” in their game, but too many technical problems and constraints held the title back from being all it could be.

As for the infamous leaked gameplay video, that was rendered in real time, and many other prototypes were playable at the time as well. However, Ancel claims that they all “had too much technical issues.”

In the end, Beyond Good Evil 2‘s delay will pay off.

So, instead of compromising on the team’s vision, Ancel and friends went back to crank out Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. We’re very happy that those games were able to be developed, and the full, original vision of Beyond Good evil 2 can finally be realized with modern technology.

All this was also supposed to be in BGE 1 … Instead of not doing the game of our dreams, we decided to return to 2d, have fun with Rayman and go back at work for Beyond good and Evil 2. We still have loooooots of work but now the tech is ready and the team is fantastic!

Beyond Good Evil 2 was confirmed to be in development earlier this month by Ubisoft. Rumor has it that it will be an NX exclusive, but until Nintendo or Ubisoft confirm that, it is a sketchy rumor at best.

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