Beyond Good & Evil 2 unmistakably teased once again by series creator


We’re eight and a half years removed from the infamous Beyond Good Evil 2 teaser trailer that sent us down a never-ending trail chasing after the sequel. To this day, we’ve seen nothing of the game in an official capacity from Ubisoft, and only through the loose lips of the series’ legendary creator Michel Ancel, also of Rayman fame, have we seen a leaked image or two.

And now, we have a new image straight from both Ubisoft France’s Twitter page and Michel Ancel’s Instagram, confirming its authenticity

“Michel Ancel has an Instragram account and we recommend you pay close attention to it,” reads the Twitter post, and as for Ancel’s caption:

Somewhere in system 4. Thanks Ubisoft for making this possible!

How exciting! If the image is putting out the themes of the game, then we’ll be dealing with Pey’j’s backstory in Beyond Good Evil 2. For those who haven’t played Beyond Good Evil, Pey’J is the adoptive, anthropomorphic pig father of the game’s female lead, Jade. He suffers some kind of affliction towards the end of the game, and its cliffhanger ending has left fans worried for over a decade!

I’m glad to get some needed backstory, but we need to push this narrative forward as well.

Also, I never knew Big Boss appeared in Beyond Good Evil. That’s weird. What’s he doing here?

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