Army parachutist dies after Chicago atmosphere uncover accident

CINCINNATI — A Cincinnati local and connoisseur of Lakota West High School harmed Saturday while behaving a attempt during a Chicago Air Water uncover has died as a outcome of his injuries, a Cook County medical examiner

confirmed Sunday evening


Corey Hood, 32, was taken in vicious condition to Northwestern Hospital on Saturday morning and after succumbed to his injuries. Investigator Mario Johnson says that Hood was conspicuous passed usually after 4 p.m. CT Sunday in Chicago.

Witnesses pronounced during slightest one of a dual group harmed on Saturday clipped a tip of a high-rise unit building before descending to a belligerent in a city’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

Hood, a member of a Army Golden Knights parachute team, was behaving a attempt famous as a “bomb burst” with other Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frog parachutists, Golden Knights orator Donna Dixon told WMAQ-TV. During this stunt, parachutists tumble with red fume trailing from packs and afterwards separate.

Dixon pronounced Hood and another male collided during a stunt. Hood underwent medicine on Saturday and remained in vicious condition on Saturday night before Sunday’s news that he had died. Hood’s family had formerly pronounced by Facebook posts that injuries were life-threatening.

Dixon didn’t lapse messages seeking criticism Sunday.

Earlier, she told a Chicago Tribune

The second male injured, a member of a Navy Leap Frogs, was treated for a damaged leg, Dixon said.

Hood was a connoisseur of Lakota West High School in 2001, where he played football, according to Enquirer

Hood recently served as a brazen spectator as a proof parachutist for a Golden Knights’ Black Demonstration Team. He had a veteran pretension of Sgt. First Class.

According to his Army biography, Hood had been jumping given 2010 and has logged some-more than 500 giveaway tumble jumps and 75 troops immobile line jumps. He had been awarded with dual bronze stars, dual commendable use medals, 5 Army admiration medals, 5 Army feat medals, a master parachutist badge, a trailblazer badge, an atmosphere attack badge and a fight movement badge.

Hood told his alma mater in 2014 that he wanted to burst to a Lakota West football diversion some day.

Witnesses during a stage of Saturday’s collision told a Chicago Tribune

Heather Mendenhall told a Tribune

“His legs held a tip of a roof, and afterwards he fell over. It was horrible,” she told a newspaper.

She pronounced he looked comatose as he strike a roof. A upkeep workman on a same roof called paramedics, she said.

“If he was usually one feet closer to a roof, a upkeep man could’ve grabbed him,” Mendenhall said.

The other parachutist was found on North Avenue Beach, nearby a categorical observation area for a show.

Chicago’s annual two-day atmosphere uncover draws millions of people to a city any year.

Members of a Navy group are active-duty crew drawn from army including a Navy SEALs. Specialists such as a Army and Navy jumpers can strech speeds of adult to 180 mph during giveaway tumble by pulling their arms to their sides. They typically open their parachutes during around 5,000 feet, fasten their canopies together in arrangement and environment off fume grenades to send red fume trailing behind them.

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