Apple Pay is now available in Japan


The expansion of Apple Pay has now reached Japan. With today’s iOS 10.1 update, so too comes the availability of Apple’s NFC payment system for iPhone users in Japan.

Apple Pay will come with its support of NFC-based usability and will work in all locations that accept Suica cards, QuicPay and iD. The service will also support the FeliCa payment standard and the Suica commuter card. The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 models for sale in Japan are already equipped with the FeliCa chip, making the adoption much more seamless.

Unfortunately, the update won’t work with older models of the iPhone, including the 6s, 6 and SE. They can only use Apple Pay to make payments within apps or online.

Initially, Apple Pay will work with credit and debit cards from American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Aeon Financial, Orico, Credit Saison, SoftBank, d Card, View Card and more. Look for more banks or unions to begin supporting the medium in the near future.

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