Animal Crossing 3DS free update adds daily quests, amiibo support and more

Looks like it’s time to fire up my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf once again. Nintendo’s released a free update for the title, complete with amiibo support and the ability to start a new town by selling your current one to Tom Nook for a huge pile of Bells.

Nintendo announced the update in a Direct presentation earlier this morning. It’s an odd one. After the Direct was done, they sent out a press release highlighting the key changes.

The list of changes in the update is large, so be warned. I’ll drop it in full below.

Daily quests are an Animal Crossing game-changer for me.

One of the things this free update introduces is a new currency system. MEOW Coupons, they’re called, are earned by completing daily and weekly “Town Initiatives.” These quests might range from pulling weeds or picking specific fruit. They give a purpose to your mindless meandering between events.

That’s huge for Animal Crossing. I dig the chill atmosphere of this franchise, and I can safely say with more than 300 hours spent across the games that I didn’t really need an excuse to keep going. Now that it’s here? I hope these Town Initiatives are a new Animal Crossing standard.

Anyways, here’s the rundown of the full update. It’s free and available now.

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