Amazon Echo and Google Home could soon be used for phone calls

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are primarily used to deliver quick nuggets of information and control gadgets around your home. Soon, both products may get a skill so obvious it’s odd the feature wasn’t available from the start.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon and Google are preparing to turn their smart speakers into home phones. Or, at least, give them the ability to make and receive calls through the phone you already own. Last year, ATT introduced a feature that allowed customers to send text messages using an Echo by enabling a “skill,” so there’s already some basic integration.

Apparently, the main hangup right now is over privacy, telecom regulations and emergency services, the WSJ said.

“One concern is potential consumer anxiety over speaking on a device that has the ability to record conversations,” a source told WSJ.

Which is funny, because some people seemingly have no issue talking on speakerphone out in public. However, it sounds much more sinister when you don’t feel like you have privacy in your own home.

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