Amazon Black Friday deals discount Fire Tablet, Fire HD 8, Echo and more!

Amazon just discounted several of its own products ahead of Black Friday. Some of the deals are pretty dang good, especially if you’re in the need of an Amazon Echo or an affordable tablet.

The 7-inch Fire Tablet, for example, typically retails for about $50  but is discounted to just $33.33. Sure, the battery life isn’t great and the screen resolution could be better, but this is a seriously solid tablet for $50, let alone $33. The Fire HD 8 tablet is also discounted by $30.

The best deals are probably related to Amazon’s Echo. The Echo Dot, normally $49.99, is just $39.99. Some people seem to think you need the regular Echo for that to work, which isn’t true. Buy it and get your smart home started on the cheap. The Echo Tap is discounted by $40, while the standard Amazon Echo, normally $169, is $40 off.

Here’s a look at everything that’s discounted:

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