‘90210! The Musical!’ Is Heavy On Drama And Tori Spelling Disses

The low-pitched focuses on a series’ progressing seasons spent during West Beverly Hills High and doesn’t follow a tract so most as being a prolonged fibre of jokes about a uncover and a characters, ensuring that regardless of either you’ve seen all 293 episodes or only have cursory believe of a characters, we can suffer it all a same. 

And zero is off-limits. From Dylan McKay’s ever-present daddy issues, to a annoyance of carrying to call enjoyment “U4EA” to damp network censors, and an whole series dedicated to that mostly lost impression (Scott) who incidentally shoots himself with his dad’s gun, a knowledge boils down to one doubt ― “Will Donna Martin Tori Spelling graduate?” 

Starring Seth Blum, Caleb Dehne, Alexis Kelley, Thaddeus Kolwicz, Ana Marcu, Alan Trinca, and Landon Zwick, a low-pitched honors a longstanding tradition of casting actors in their 20s as teens. Meanwhile, Carmen Mendoza’s costumes and Donald Garverick’s choreography are both spot-on blasts from a past that might leave assembly members with flashbacks from your possess drama-filled propagandize dances. 

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