5 Epic Travel Spots That Are A Great Deal Right Now

When you vacation on a budget, it’s important to make every trip worth its cost. Getting priced out or ripped off is not an option.

That’s why we’re very happy to have discovered the Vox Vacation Index, which ranks the relative value of the American dollar at this moment in 48 popular travel destinations around the world. The index is updated daily with both exchange and local inflation rates to make sure travelers can always see where they’ll get the most bang for their buck abroad. (It’s “not ‘Is France cheap?’” as Vox explains, “but ‘Is France cheaper than it was a year ago?’”)

Current standings put the U.K. at the top of the list, likely because of the Brexit’s effect on local economies. Mexico, which is home to some stunning hidden beaches, and Argentina, which is known for its sprawling national parks, are great values right now, too.

All you’ll need is a cheap flight to let your wanderlust take control. Take a deeper dive into Vox’s value index here, and check out the 5 best countries for a vacation deal right now below:

5. Poland