5 Cheap Rental Car Tricks You’ve Always Needed, But Never Known

Most travelers know how to search for flight deals, but finding the right rental car deal can seem like uncharted and bewildering territory. We may not rent a ride as often, but that’s no reason to let confusion get the best of us and our wallets.

Whether it’s for a quick weekender in your state or the cross-country trip of a lifetime, use these hints to get the cheapest deal for your next road trip. 

1. Avoid rental cars at the airport. 

Generally, rental car companies impose extra surcharges in airports, where demand is high. Their offsite locations, meanwhile, often boast cheaper prices. 

Locations listed as “off-airport” on airport websites may still charge an airport fee, so call the office ahead of time to ask. If they do, consider the next-nearest option, which will likely require public transportation or a ride to get to. 

And finally, note that big cities like New York may be exceptions to this rule. It’s always worth checking a few locations to compare. 

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