18 Of The Most Dangerous And Dramatic Roads In The World

Do you love driving and yearn for adventure? If so, these photos will throw you for a loop. Tides, rivers, snow, waves and cliffs are just a few of the features that make for some of the most dramatic and adrenaline-pumping ― and sometimes truly treacherous ― road trips in the world.

Many of the world’s most harrowing roads are integral arteries connecting remote places to civilization. These passageways reward travelers with stunning views, but they come with extreme danger, like precarious cliff drop-offs with no railings to stop a vehicle from slipping off the edge. It’s advised to avoid driving them unless you’ve done your research and found a route that’s both legal and safe.

Other roads pictured below are generally very safe, as long as you’re paying attention ― but their height, views, and hairpin turns still make for a heart-pounding ride. 

In our opinion, these photos alone are adventure enough in some cases. Check out some most dangerous and dramatic roads in the world:

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